Axia, our new in-house mortgage brokerage

Our in-house mortgage broker, Julia Eaton Harford, is now with Axia and she has some great things to say!

Axia’s mortgage rates are fantastic! Today a Conventional 30 year fixed mortgage is 4.375%; Agency Jumbo 30 year fixed (Loan amount between $417,001 and $506K) is 4.50%; and Jumbo 30 year is (Loan amount over $506K) 4.375%! Axia also passes on sizable lender credits (all based on the days pricing) which can really help your borrower save on closing costs. For example; the Conventional 30 year fixed rate of 4.375% comes with a $1500.00 credit. Note like interest rates, credits change daily as well.

Underwriting a mortgage with a To Be Determined address file continues to be a great way to set yourself from the pack and Axia recognized this!

Axia will guarantee a 15 Day Close when a loan has been fully approved on a TBD property prior to going into contract on a home. Guarantee is subject to the borrower maintaining their credit rating and score, income, debt and asset status, etc. This only applies to primary residences, & 1st lien position only. The borrower needs to provide time sensitive documentation within 48 hours of accepted offer and the guarantee is valid up to 20 days prior to initial credit approval expiration. This guarantee does not apply to Jumbo loans, VA, REO, short sales, & property flips.

One of her suggestions is to become pre-approved on a to-be-determined address. This helps make your offer stronger and helps quicken the closing process.