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What to do with your dog during an open house?

Watson the LabradoodleI am so excited that my advice on what to do with your dog during an open house was published by our Coldwell Banker corporate office.

I have two medium to large dogs. Watson, a Labradoodle, who I found running around a neighborhood on a dark and stormy night. I found him when I was looking for a home. It took me hours to catch him, hours to groom him, and as I could not find his owner, months to train him. After eight months, he is still a diamond in the rough.

CiCi the rottweiler
Ci Ci, a thirteen year-old Rottweiler, was adopted from the breeder as she was too shy in the ring. She has been a great ambassador for the breed as she is loyal and has a perfectly even temperament.

Both of these dogs would be affected if strangers were walking through their home, so much so I could not imagine leaving them. This is why I recommend considering your open house a time to take a walk or go to a dog park.

If you live in the city, do what my grandmother did with me – window shopping! I use to love walking with her around the beautiful shops in downtown Los Angeles when I was growing up.

Perhaps none of these options are available to you but you may have a doggy day care facility nearby. Seattle has so many it would be hard to count. I would ask for references around my local dog park (I frequent Golden Gardens, Greenlake, Magnolia and Magnuson) or look on