Ballard is a great place to live – right next to the Puget Sound and completely walkable to boutique restaurants and stores. Ballard combines old, original Seattle architecture with new.

Ballard is a fun neighborhood in which to run errands! Park in old-town Ballard and stop by the boutique shops on your way to the post office. Swing by the library for a book and choose from one of the many restaurants for lunch.

The Ballard Farmer’s Market is on Sundays and can be a one-stop-shopping spot for all your weekly groceries. Vendors come to Ballard from locations such as Fall City and the Snoqualmie Valley with fresh produce, cheese and wine.

Even better, the Shilshoe Bay Marina, Ray’s Boathouse, Anthony’s Restaurant and Golden Gardens Park are just ten minutes away. I often take my dogs to the off-leash dog area in upper Golden Gardens, walk the forested trail to the cement steps near the pond, down and around the beach during the sunset, and then hike up the main steps to the parking lot – it is close to two miles and very relaxing.

I frequent Rays Boathouse for happy hour and indulge in their delicious Thai Curry Mussels accompanied by a Caesar salad.

Ballard recently got its first hotel – aptly named the Hotel Ballard. It is owned by the same group that owns the gym I attend which is attached.

Some new shops have been creatively tucked into preserved buildings (see Ballard Avenue National Register District Virtual Tour). Have coffee at the Dutch Bike Company’s cafe in the front of the old Marine Hardware Building or head to the back of the building and sample oysters at the Walrus and the Carpenter!

Another spot to visit is The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. No matter what time of day, ships large and small, kayaks, salmon, harbor seals and sea lions are all to be spotted.




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