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Carl Menconi

Andree sold a property for me a few years ago, and did an excellent job on a difficult property- remote location, difficult to find comps, etc. Very few potential buyers, but she closed the deal. So she was my first choice for my Seattle house. She covered details, communicated clearly, and overall got me to the sale point with minimum time and trouble. If I have another real estate transaction come up, she will be my first choice.


Molly Smith
Andree did a wonderful job selling my condominium in Edmonds. It was difficult to sell for many reasons, most notably a legal issue that the condominium building was involved in. Andree was very persistent with marketing, open houses, and ultimately finding a way for the one buyer to proceed with a loan. She went beyond what a typical broker would do to make this deal go through. I felt that she was professional and courteous in all her interactions with all parties involved. She did an excellent job for me. I highly recommend her! Images by Patrick Bennett.



Sonam Dolma
Andree Hurley was such a great help. She was so knowledgeable and very good at what she was doing. I highly recommend working with her. Andree was such a nice, kind person. And so patient! She worked hard to get the deal together and in the end, she made it happen. I told her I would want to work with her again in the future. She is my go-to go agent in town. She is great! (I helped them buy and then sell this home a few years later. We had fifteen offers and escalations)



Bruce Patrovsky
This is the second property Andree has sold for me, with excellent results. My late Mother’s house was a mess. Andree provided invaluable assistance in helping prepare Mom’s house for sale, and during the sale itself. Her communication and attention to detail were excellent, and her efforts often went beyond what I would have expected of a listing agent. During the listing and sale process, we had to work through a number of difficult surprises, not the least of which was a long-forgotten fuel oil tank which the Inspection found under the house. Andree skillfully assisted me through the process of obtaining city approval to treat (and not have to do the nearly-impossible task of removing) the tank to everybody’s satisfaction. Image by Rakan


Tomas Tabisola
Andrée did such an amazing job in helping me buy my new home, I chose her to list and sell my former home. She assisted me throughout the process and was there immediately when I had questions or needed to have more information on any aspect of the selling process. I have to admit, I always had questions. She held Open Houses and had the home listed nationwide (worldwide). She kept me posted on how many visited the home, pertinent positive or negative comments, and generally how the sale was going. She responded to several inquiries from as far as the east coast and to a multitude from the local area. In the final analysis the most important question is, did she sell the house? And the answer is a resounding YES! In my opinion, she again did an amazing job in selling this house for me as she did in buying my new home. I think she was aggressive and tenacious without being overly so and all the while being courteous, affable and amiable to all customers. I most heartily recommend her to anyone who is either buying or selling their home.


Julie Billingsley

Andree, so many positive attributes in stepping in to sell our mother’s home. It’s as though she stepped in as one of the family at a very emotional time after my mother’s passing. She was so helpful in getting the house prepared for the sale, inside and out. The house was priced right and sold quickly to help us throughout the process. I believe her negotiation skills were the key to the perfect end result. I would recommend Andree for buying or selling. Andree gives her all as though you’re her only client. Andree is a gem!


Tracy Redding
Andree sold our mothers home in Shoreline WA. Andree was both helpful and professional help us to get the best price for the home. Andree priced the home right and was able to get multiple offers in a short amount of time. I would use Andree again and have recommended her to others. (We had 15 offers)


Michael Morris
Andree is organized, thorough and professional. Our communication was clear and concise. Andree is a top professional who has the experience and knowledge to help a seller or buyer in their real estate transaction. (Listing broker). Mike is the only client I never met in person, however our phone and email conversations were excellent. His mother passed away unexpectedly, and he travelled from Wenatchee and did an excellent job preparing the home to go on the market.




Mike Evans
Andree is a very communicative, productive and creative agent.  Andree was imaginative and showed initiative in helping me prepare for and execute the sale. (I met Mike near his home in Cambria, CA. He had a beautiful vacant land parcel to sell overlooking Roche Harbor.)


Buyer’s Agent:

Gordon and Rebecca Bluechel

Andree helped us with finding our dream vacation cabin outside Leavenworth. She listened to us about what we were looking for even when we weren’t sure ourselves, and then helped to distill it to get to what really mattered.

She worked with us despite our busy schedules, lining up tours of places with potential. She helped to narrow down where we were looking from somewhere on either side of the mountains between Mount Rainier and the North Cascades to just the general Leavenworth area. Her background in the area helped us to get more information about potential homes than someone else would have, and she had connections that also were very helpful, especially once we had found our cabin.

She was able to get us appointments with all the inspectors in a timeline that worked for us and the sellers. We were able to close relatively quickly. Even after closing, when we had some challenges with the big freeze and pipes freezing and bursting in the pumphouse, she was able to offer advice and connections to try and help us to get it quickly resolved.

We felt like she was taking care of us even after her work was done. She is dedicated to making sure that her clients get the house that they are dreaming about and is tireless in working towards that goal.

Cindy Bailey
I am a first time home buyer. Andree Hurley helped me find my beautiful condo in Edmonds. I knew I wanted it the moment I saw it. Andree made herself available to write the offer that very day. She was patient and instructive throughout the hours it took to complete the offer. From then on, she was on top of everything that needed to be done. She communicated well with me and with the seller’s agent. The sale closed quickly and on time. I am very happy with her services and definitely would recommend her. Thank you.



Tomas Tabisola
Andree certainly represents the type of person any company would be proud to have on its staff. As a real estate agent, she is dedicated, hard working, and tenacious in finding that home a person seeks. After much searching, she found me the home in the location I wanted. She will surely do the same for anyone who chooses her as his or her agent. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend her for for any of your real estate needs. Andree was personable, dedicated and very knowledgeable in her job. We have a few similar interests in kayaking and boating so she had an insight to what I was looking for. She kept me informed whenever homes passed through the filtering process and personally looked those especially fitting the “extras” I was looking for in my search. I would unquestioningly recommend her to anyone looking for a home.


Ken Zelin
Andree kept on top of things, and was in constant contact with the financing company keeping things moving. I would happily use her again. The process was smooth and easy. Kept us well informed of every step. Communication was excellent. That was the best part. We always knew what was happening.




Barbara and George Gronseth

Andree has been our friend for many years and we value her professionalism, excellent communication and commitment to the detail necessary in buying our house. We recommend her for any aspect of real estate.

We are very pleased with our new home and appreciated Andree’s attention to detail and excellent negotiation skills. Her local knowledge of the real estate market and process expertise allowed us to get our offer in quickly, do timely and smart negotiations that got our offer accepted!



Will and Tina Tanaka
Tina: Andrée Hurley has been a wonderful real estate agent for this first-time homebuyer. She listened closely to my home preferences, even as I was figuring them out, and intuitively found the right kinds of places to show my husband and me. As we honed in on the right property, she guided us in the complex process of making an offer and completing the deal. Despite our lack of experience as homebuyers, Andree’ remained patient and encouraging throughout the whole process. I can’t thank her enough for helping us find, in a relatively short time, a place that feels perfect for us.

Will: Andrée is warm and patient and friendly. As a first time buyer I felt that we were in very competent and knowledgeable hands. And she was able to negotiate a very good price for us!
Thank you Andree Hurley and your team!

Karen Scharer
I am very pleased with the effort Andree made as my agent and finding my “forever home”. Throughout the search, questions I asked were always answered promptly, and she made sure that I had information about CC&R’s and HOA dues, so I wouldn’t exceed my budget. She really seems to love what she does and is committed to her clients. Andree went to great lengths to find the home I ultimately purchased. It was her creativity in preparing and negotiating the final offer that sealed the deal with the seller. I would recommend Andree to anyone wanting purchase or sell property.

Jeffrey Mitton
Andree was a great resource and friend during the process of trying to buy a house in Magnolia. She was able to get us to see the houses we were interested in, and she did a great job organizing contact with all the other key players in the house buying process.

Long Zhang
Andree is an efficient, patient and nice agent. She is nice. I feel no pressure and very free when we view house together with Andree. I will advise my friends to ask help from Andree when they plan to buy house.

Sheri Hargus
I was looking for a home for over nine months and during that time Andree helped me to make multiple offers on homes during a very hot, competitive market. She did an excellent job of making contact with the seller agent and positioning my offers to be competitive and timely. Her assistance and responsiveness ultimately resulting in me finding and buying the perfect Seattle home. 10/10 Timely and thorough!

Morella Bombardini
The professional manner in which Andrée conducted herself was exceptional…on a personal level she showed she cared by treating me as a member of her family. I appreciated her empathy and hard work.

Carmen Decker
Andree was able to help us find the perfect place in Leavenworth and worked hard through the entire process going above and beyond when the listing agent was not doing their job. We would highly recommend Andree to anyone!

Marsha Downes
I like that you know the community in the areas that you took me too. It’s nice to know where to go shopping and out to eat.

Anne Reiser
Andree is great at understanding your needs and preferences when shopping for a home. She has shown my husband and I several wonderful options in Kirkland, Snohomish County and in the San Juans. She also prepared a comparative market analysis for our home in Kirkland. I have known Andree for a long time, and gladly refer anyone looking to buy or sell a home to use Andree.

Michelle Van Tasselle, former Principal Managing Broker (from LinkedIn):
Andree was a pleasure to have as an agent in the office I managed. Her varied background and interests attract clients who are adventurous and open-minded, as she is. She takes wonderful care of her clients’ needs, is constantly learning and growing, and is highly knowledgeable of the Pacific Northwest.

More from a quick survey via text:

My go-to escrow representative (he is always on-the-ball):
1. Andree is a kind, honest, and intelligent agent who truly listens to the needs of her clients. Her patient, genuine intent to assist those she works with coupled with her deep knowledge of the industry is what makes her such an asset to whomever she assists in real estate.
2. I would say that your kind nature, local knowledge, and your consistency in growing as an agent (through continued education and even by moving territories, are the qualities that stand out the most to me). You welcome challenges and are a darn hard worker. 
One of my Mortgage Brokers (works so hard for my clients and keeps things on track): I would say you are a very caring, devoted and professional broker that will always provide more than 100%. Your knowledge of the business and negotiating skills are excellent!
Friend involved in a transaction: Experienced, trustworthy, friend. Thorough, if you don’t know the answer you’re honest & find out.
Close friend and former managing broker:
1. “Integrity, integrity, integrity, you will always be on their side.”
2. “Market knowledge, experience, and you closed five deals in one month in the recent past with extraordinary character.” 
Buyer’s Agent from recent Shoreline listing:
1) Calm and consistent, steady.
2) Abundance of experience to recall, lean back on from previous transactions. So it looks like the word is experience!