Landscape and Garden Design

Those friends and clients who have known me for a long time, remember that my first major was in ornamental horticulture, and that I used to have a garden design and maintenance company. I still keep up-to-date through the Master Gardener program. 

This is a good time of year to take a look at your garden and yard, and decide if you want any changes. 


If you would like help, please let me know. Having a nice landscape does increase the value of your home. Much does depend on the buyer if you are thinking of selling. Some buyers want a low maintenance yard, while others love to garden. Either way, it’s important to have a yard that you love. 

The garden in the picture is at the home of an old friend and client, which I helped him to buy. I often help him with pruning and cleanup when I am able. 

Landscape Design Workshop to get you started.  This is meant to be a follow-along, interactive workshop, but can also work alone. This is something we can do electronically if need be. 

I also love pruning, and this is something that can be fit-in between my other work (although not necessarily essential). 

Happy planning!