Customer Satisfaction Survey

As I have several clients in the “mid point” of looking for a home I developed a Survey Monkey survey to see how I could help my clients further.

This is one of the first and is quite pleasing! My take on the constructive feedback is that it is important to see homes in person. While this may seem to be obvious, pictures don’t always tell the full story. Sometimes they are so professional they show the home in it’s best light and the leave out certain features – how close the house is next door, the unimproved basement, the fact that the view may be from one upstairs window only and a myriad of other things!

The flip side of the coin is that some realtors use point-and-shoot cameras or their phones to take pictures. In my case, I rarely want to send the listing out.

Most of us always try to preview a home in person before we send a listing out – this is why we spend time going to broker’s opens, for example. When I go to a broker’s open I always find out more about the home that I did when I saw the listing on the MLS as the listing agent shares more than what one can see online.

As I have been showing some waterfront homes in remote locations lately (Lummi and Orcas Islands) I often can’t preview – then we are having an adventure together and I can help by doing as much research as I can in advance through the tax records, by pointing things out as we go through and by engaging in follow-up research to answer any questions that come up.

Here is a web link to the survey:

Q1: How did you find me? (Check all that apply)
Q2: How satisfied, dissatisfied, or neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with your experience to date with me?
Extremely satisfied
Q3: How likely are you to recommend me to others?
Extremely likely
Q4: What has been your favorite experience to date while searching for a home or listing your home for sale?
The professional manner in which Andree conducted herself was exceptional; as well as on a personal level she showed she cared by treating me as a member of her family. I appreciated her empathy and hard work, as well as her dog Cici.
Q5: Are you happy with the home suggestions sent to you?
Q6: How is our communication?
Andree is still trying to help me, although, she understands that I am not looking to relocate into her…town.
Q7: What would you like more of?
Nothing more, my agent was almost perfect.
Q8: What would you like less of?
Not having control of how pictures of properties are taken, which can not be realistic at times.
However, this was not my Agent’s fault. Thank you.