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Andree Hurley’s Seattle Real Estate News


When selling a home, one needs to decide on inspections. There are three main categories: 1. Seller-paid Inspection 2. Buyer-paid pre-inspections 3. Inspection contingencies The trend has gone to seller-paid… Read more »

Pricing the Property

Pricing a property is an interesting process, and I have been working on several in the last few months since the restrictions ended. These are in different places geographically, but… Read more »

Market Report

I sat in on Brian Buffini’s Real Estate market report today and it was very interesting. Here are a few notes. The dollar value is at 100%. Job market low…. Read more »

March Newsletter

It’s Spring; fresh air, blooms, and more listings! We have gone from living in a snow globe to blue skies and daffodils! Our snow pack should ensure we have plenty… Read more »

September Newsletter

One reason I love living here is because there are so many recreational opportunities within a two hour drive. The other day I took a last-minute drive to Mount Baker,… Read more »

July Newsletter

As we continue through this pandemic period, life remains interesting, and I hope you are all remaining safe and staying well.  I’m continuing to enjoy summer and natural phenomenon such… Read more »

June Newsletter

My hummingbird feeder is giving me much pleasure these days, and I sat on the deck the other day taking pictures of the cute little birds until I got this… Read more »

May Newsletter

As we move through the stages of this pandemic, I hope everyone is staying well, safe and sound. The world is continuing to adjust and I hope you are too…. Read more »

How is the Market

We are in amazing times and everyone is asking how the market is during this Covid-19 crisis. First of all, I hope everyone is staying protected, safe, and well. This… Read more »

April Newsletter

I hope you all have been staying well, safe, and sound. I’ve been using some of this time to focus on staying healthy, and am lucky have have Watson to keep… Read more »

April Newsletter

Spring is here and I am enjoying the the longer days; it gives me a chance to take Watson out for dog walks after work. There is the  proliferation of… Read more »

New review from a seller

I enjoyed helping my client sell a home in Seattle recently, and evidently he did too as he writes: “Andree is organized, thorough and professional. Our communication was clear and… Read more »

Offer Accepted!

Congratulations to my sellers, they are signed-around and can start the transition they are so looking forward to, moving onto a boat! I was so impressed by the buyer’s agents… Read more »

New Listing in Kenmore

Get ready to unpack, move in, and enjoy living in this well maintained and recently updated home in the Arrowhead community. Enjoy a chilly winter’s day or a sunny afternoon… Read more »