October Newsletter

Moving from summer to fall is one of my favorite times of the year. While I miss the warm days, I love seeing the the trees change colors and leaves dropping, and taking hikes with my dog, Watson, on crisp days.

Lately, on my walks, I have been pondering how childhood experiences really influence later decisions and lifestyles. I reflect on my personal blessings of being brought up in one of the nice side canyons of Los Angeles with a beautiful backyard. A little yellow school bus picked me up most days and skirted me off to my little all-girl’s school. My parents loved dining, and so our meals were always delicious. 

My father, an attorney, had the idea to build the Mammoth Mountain Inn, and so weekends, holidays and summers were usually at Mammoth. I’d help around the inn folding napkins, making beds, putting coins in those little paper containers for the accountant, who was like an aunt to me. I’d either ski or hike across the street to the slopes and spend the day on my own exploring, skiing in the winter or finding lupine and paintbrush in the summer. In the summer I attended camps and did a lot of horseback riding, backpacking, tennis, waterskiing and even aqua ballet. 

How does this affect me today? Mostly through my love of the outdoors, especially during this odd pandemic we are experiencing. I’m so grateful that I learned to appreciate being still and watching the birds, for example. 

In real estate it gives me an appreciation for more peaceful homes with views and gardens with proximity to parks, beaches and hikes. 

I’d love to hear from you, and how your childhood experiences sculpted your current world! 

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