When selling a home, one needs to decide on inspections.

There are three main categories:

1. Seller-paid Inspection
2. Buyer-paid pre-inspections
3. Inspection contingencies

The trend has gone to seller-paid inspections (which are pre-inspections) and back to asking for offers with inspection contingencies.

Buyer-paid pre-inspections require appointments and a bit of wear-and-tear on the house, but the buyers do know what they are getting into. Sometimes they will get them despite having a seller-paid inspection, although in this market, due to short time frames, they often don’t have time.

Going back to the “old fashioned” inspection contingency means the offers are evaluated on all the rest of their data, and not hinged on inspection.

That said, it is a tactic to get an inspection and then ask for repair costs to bargain down the price.

Different strategies work in different scenarios; if you would like to hear more, please give me a call.