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Summer Buyer’s Guide

With interest rates on the rise, buyers might have a little less purchasing power, however it’s still possible to buy. Download the buyer’s guide to find out more: BuyingaHomeSummer2022.pdf

Summer Seller’s Guide

Click-through and download the seller’s guide; whether or not you are ready to sell now, there is great information:  SellingYourHouseSummer2022.pdf


When selling a home, one needs to decide on inspections. There are three main categories: 1. Seller-paid Inspection 2. Buyer-paid pre-inspections 3. Inspection contingencies The trend has gone to seller-paid… Read more »

Pricing the Property

Pricing a property is an interesting process, and I have been working on several in the last few months since the restrictions ended. These are in different places geographically, but… Read more »

Market Report

I sat in on Brian Buffini’s Real Estate market report today and it was very interesting. Here are a few notes. The dollar value is at 100%. Job market low…. Read more »