How is the Market

We are in amazing times and everyone is asking how the market is during this Covid-19 crisis.

First of all, I hope everyone is staying protected, safe, and well. This is a difficult time of quarantining, but also is giving people time to work on their homes, gardens and other projects. 

According to local statistics and word of mouth in the industry, many listings are seeing multiple offers within a week, do to the low inventory and high demands.

We can show homes virtually or in person. A broker from our Lake Union office showed my Edmonds listing by doing a video walkthrough and sending it to her client – and he is still interested! 

If we show in person, we have to let only two people in at a time, the others must wait outside. Of course, we also need to use all the other precautions. 

I just attended a Facebook live meeting with Tom Ferry and he and his associates from Keeping Current Matters. They discussed the national market and climate. Here are a few slides they encouraged us to share. They point to a someone fast V-shaped recovery.