Offer Accepted!

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Congratulations to my sellers, they are signed-around and can start the transition they are so looking forward to, moving onto a boat!

I was so impressed by the buyer’s agents and offers. Here is a quick rundown on the winning offer:

1. The buyer’s agent called and chatted almost every day to get a feeling for how many pre-inspections and offers were coming in. He told me the buyers had lost five offers and were determined to get this one by escalating way over, and committing money for a low appraisal.
2. The buyers came to an open house and asked a few questions before telling me they were the ones writing the offer – and said, “I hope you like us so we can win this house, we love it”. Of course, I said, “I do really like you and hope you have the winning offer”!
3. When offers were coming in on Monday at 3:00pm, their lender called to say they were fully underwritten, approved and could escalate to X amount, way over list.

Sure enough, their offer was the strongest!

We had the average for that neighborhood, four offers, high escalation. Three downloaded the online third-party pre-inspection (sellers and brokers are blinded to it), one had a walk-through pre-inspection.

A bottle of wine and a good luck jade plant for my clients!