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It is still a seller’s market

It is still a seller’s market in King County. While I have noticed more homes on the market in September (not reflected in most statistics yet), homes near Seattle are still on the market a short period of time. There is often a slow-down in August, while many are on vacation, but the chart shows only a wee slowdown.

One might wonder how there could be more sales then listings – this indicates a strong absorption rate where homes that have been on the market over a month time were purchased.

It’s still a good time to sell – the Seattle economy is going strong, thanks to Amazon, Facebook, Google and other high tech firms that are hiring and bringing new people to our area.

Many people wonder where to go – personally, I like Snohomish County. I have been showing five acre equestrian properties and, for example, some are going for as little as $500,000, the same price a small home in Seattle sells for.

Condominiums are also an option, and I know many people who have moved to Edmonds because it is a walkable, friendly, seaside town.

I have been helping at the Edmonds office holding down floor time, and find it quite enjoyable.

Overall, if you have been thinking about selling a home in Seattle, this is a good time to do it.

Ask me to help you with a comparative market analysis; I’ll research the activity in your neighborhood, tour your home, and give you a price range.